Chicken Feeds  09/28/18 1:23:48 PM

Chick Starter Grower

  • A complete feed for chicks less than 8 weeks old. This feed is 20% crude protein and needs to be fed continuously as the sole ration as early as one day of age until 8 weeks. 


23% Broiler Grower Crumble

  • Looking for a complete feed to be fed to chicks up until market? Our 23% protein broiler crumble is just the feed you need. You can start chicks on this crumble as early as one day of age until market weight. Provide fresh, clean water at all times. 

Chicken Layer Pellet

  • A complete feed for your laying hens at a 17% protein level. Offer this product as free choice as the sole source of feed to laying hens and provide a source of clean, fresh water and oyster shells at all times. This product is also available as a meal. 

Poultry Scratch Grain

  • Cracked corn and whole cereal grains designed to be supplemented with a complete Quality Plus poultry feed.

Oyster Shells

  • Needing stronger shells on your layers eggs? Grab a bag of oyster shells from us! It is an excellent source of calcium to make stronger shells. 

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