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Quality Feeds for Quality Foods”

Since 1975, Quality Plus Feeds has grown to a strong nutrition supplier in southeast Iowa, western Illinois, and northeast Missouri.  Larry and Jerry attribute the growth to listening to the customers’ concerns, needs, and goals. This is evidenced by the company’s shift from a traditional feed distributor/retailer philosophy some 25 years ago in favor of a manufacturing supplier. This move, coupled with the improved efficiencies of merging two businesses, has allowed Quality Plus Feeds to provide customers with both the value and flexibility of personalized products and services they had requested.

In addition, Vita Plus and Hubbard have been chosen as our nutrition partners, primarily because our mission are dedicated to providing superior service and value to customers. This partnership has kept our industry knowledge base current, provided critical management and technical expertise and has kept us on the cutting-edge of nutrition technology.
The entire team at Quality Plus is dedicated to being your business partner.

Products & Services

*Basemixes, supplements & complete feeds                                               *Custom formulated products
*Hi-Pro soybean meal, by-product feeds                                                      *Personalized ration balancin
*Custom soybean roasting                                                                          *Lab analysis – feed, water, particle size
*On-time delivery – bag & bulk                                                                    *Feed ingredient booking program
*No-cost grain banking                                                                                *Cash flow projections
*Computerized mixing; twin horizontal mixers                                              *Feed Budgeting
*Twin roller mills                                                                                          *Swine performance records
*Facility consultation                                                                                    *Feedlot closeout records
*Confinement equipment                                                                               *Nutrition consultant on staff
*Vaccines & feed-grade antibiotics                                                                 *Daily buyer of corn and beans

What makes us unique in the nutrition business?  As for quality control procedures, particle size distribution and moisture tests are conducted on ground corn daily.  Incoming ingredients are sampled regularly, lab tested and results are logged by supplier.  A sample is taken of each finished feed batch and retained for 180 days.  Antibiotic residue checks and mixer distribution tests are performed regularly.  GMP flushing procedures are frequently monitored.  A computer printout of all finished feed batches is generated, allowing daily production records, by mixer, to be kept and archived for traceability.  A written biosecurity protocol became effective in 1997 and is observed by all employees.  Above all, we take pride in our clean feed mill, clean trucks and clean drivers.  Letters of recommendation regarding product quality and customer service are certainly available upon request.  We invite you to visit our facility anytime but ask that you call ahead if possible.  Please call us at (800) 720-3167 with your questions and concerns or for additional information.
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