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Growers  09/28/18 1:21:00 PM

Lean Choice Grower Pellet

  • This product is to be fed with whole shelled corn, for a high energy ration to obtain high yielding, choice grade carcasses in approximately 13 months. This grower should be fed to dairy beef calves weighing at least 300 pounds at a rate of 2 lbs/hd/day with a full feed of whole shell corn. You should also offer average quality hay and free choice white salt. This product contains Bovatec to help control coccidiosis and help improve feed efficiency. 

18% Calf Grower Pellet

  • This grower pellet has an 18% crude protein total on it and is great for growing dairy cattle. This product contains Rumensin for increased rate of gain and for the control of coccidiosis. 

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