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Starters  09/28/18 1:20:47 PM

20% Calf Starter

  • This calf starter is perfect for dairy calves that are less than 12 weeks of age. You can begin offering this product to calves as young as four days of age at approximately 2 lbs/hundred lbs of body weight. This product contains the active drug ingredient Decoquinate, to help prevent coccidiosis in calves. Make sure to provide fresh, clean water at all times with this product.  This product is also offered with Clarifly, to help protect the calves from flies. 

18% Calf Starter

  • This product is also great for starting calves as early as four days of age. This product contains the active drugs Chlortetracycline and Sulfamethazine to act as an aid in the maintenance of weight gains in the presence of respiratory disease such as shipping fever. Feed this product at a rate to not exceed 2 1/2 lbs/hd/day in order to provide 350 mg/hd/day or Chlortetracycline and 350 mg/hd/day of Sulfamethazine. Also provide fresh clean water with this product. 

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