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Exacta Products  09/28/18 1:19:41 PM

Exacta Base Pellet

  • An intake limiter pellet to be mixed with corn and co-products. Total Crude Protein is 8%. Fed on an intake % of body weight. Also available with Rumensin and Bovatec. 

Exacta Supplement Pellet
  • Intake limiter supplement pellet to be mixed with coarse cracked corn. Also fed on % of body weight. These Exacta supplements can be mixed on your own farm or at Quality Plus. They contain a complete mineral, trace mineral, and vitamin package.

Exacta Ration

  • A complete feed that is fed on a 1-2% body weight ration. Can be used for a variety of feeding applications such as: cows/bulls, developing bulls or heifers, calves, and cattle on creep feed. This product is not a salt limiter and is a complete vitamin and trace mineral package. 

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