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Co-Product Balancers  09/28/18 1:18:58 PM

By-Product Base R1200 and R1600

  • This product is recommended for use on feedlot cattle and is medicated with monensin to help prevent and control coccidiosis. For specific feeding instructions please consult with your Quality Plus nutritionist. 

Balancers with Rumensin

  • This co-product balancer is to be used on feedlot cattle for improved feed efficiency and increased rate of gain. We have two products available both with different levels of rumensin in them. Both should be fed at different rates. Please see your Quality Plus feeding advisor for specific diet reccommendations. 

Balancer with Bov/MGA

  • This product is designed for feedlot heifers to help increase rate of gain, improve feed effeciency, and suppression of heat. This product should be mixed throughly into a grain min or TMR at a rate of 0.50 lbs/hd/day. Always make sure  you provide a separate source of salt and mineral at free choice.

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