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Minerals  09/28/18 1:18:36 PM

Calving and Breeding Mineral

  • A mineral supplement for times of calving and breeding seasons. Use these minerals 60 days pre-weaning through 60 days post bull turn out. Can be used with the CTC option when cattle are fed fescue grass. Also avaiable with IGR for fly control. Expected average intakes per day is 2-4 oz/hd/day. 

Beef Gestation Mineral

  • A mineral for 60 days post bull turn out through 60 days pre-cavling during the gestation phase. Average consumption for this product is also 2-4 oz./hd/day. This product is also available with the CTC option. 

Hi-Cal Mineral 

  • A mineral supplement for cattle that are being fed high Phosphorus feeds such as corn silage, corn gluten feed, Dried Distillers Grains, and/or grains. This product contains added Thiamin to prevent Polio instances and also utilizes the natural Phosphorus in the feedstuffs. Average consumption of 2-4 oz/hd/day. Available with the CTC option as well. 

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